Vibrant events of the LGBT+ community in Paris: from festivals to parades

Throughout the year, the voice of the LGBT community is heard in cinema, sports, literature, music and the visual arts.

Paris LGBT+ culture calendar: events, festivals and films all year round

In January, the Festival of LGBT Cultures begins, a multidisciplinary event with exhibitions, screenings, film screenings and concerts throughout Paris.

In March and April, cinema celebrates the LGBT community with the International Women’s Film Festival and the Gay Film Festival. March also marks Queer Week, with a varied program including debates, treks, parties and performances at various venues throughout the Ile-de-France. This is followed by the Printemps des assoces fair, which includes exhibitions, master classes and other events.

In June, a few days before the Marche des Fiertés LGBT (gay pride parade), TIP (Tournoi International de Paris) is held, which brings together athletes from all over the world for an event open to everyone, regardless of gender, age and skill level. Also at the beginning of the month, Disneyland Paris blooms with all the colors of the rainbow as part of Magical Pride.

As fall arrives, it’s time for Jerk Off, an interdisciplinary event celebrating queer and alternative culture. Visitors flock to enjoy a variety of performances: plays, dance shows, lectures… there is something for everyone

In October, the spotlight turns to transgender people and their supporters with the Existrans parade.

November Dedicated to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender culture. At the end of the year, no less than three significant cinematic events will take place: Chéri-Chéris and the Paris International Lesbian and Feminist Film Festival. Film buffs will be spoiled for choice! Also don’t miss the Gay Salon du Livre, which focuses on literature by gay authors and provides a unique opportunity to meet famous writers.

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