Christian College Expels LGBT Students: Petition Has 120,000 Support

In Brisbane, Australia, a Christian college is encouraging parents to sign an agreement that provides the right to expel students who are openly LGBT+.

Citipointe sent an updated student admission agreement to parents before the start of the new semester. This document describes homosexuality as a sin and “immoral behavior” compared to other prohibited acts such as bestiality, incest and pedophilia.

The school document asserts that they view any type of sexual misconduct, encompassing behaviors such as debauchery, homosexual and bisexual acts, bestiality, incest, pedophilia, pornography, and more, as morally unacceptable and contrary to their religious beliefs. They believe that such actions are offensive to God, detrimental to interpersonal connections, and have a negative impact on society.

According to the terms of the contract, new students are only allowed to continue their studies if “their gender identity matches their biological sex.”

College Principal, Pastor Brian Mulheran, said: “We are dedicated to preserving our Christian principles and enabling parents and students to make well-informed decisions regarding their willingness to endorse and adopt our Christian education philosophy”

Mulheran emphasized that Citipointe has no intention of showing bias against students due to their sexual orientation or gender identity, and admissions decisions will not be solely predicated on these factors.. However, Mulheran’s statements contradict the new contract, which clearly states that the college has the right to expel a student if his sex does not correspond to the institution’s biological sex.

However, the move has sparked heated debate and criticism from the public and LGBT+ rights advocates. Many have expressed concern that the institution’s policies could promote discrimination and create a hostile environment for LGBT+ students.


Activists said Citipointe College’s contract is discriminatory and violates the rights of LGBT+ students. They underscored the significance of establishing a welcoming and secure atmosphere for all students, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

This event became an occasion for discussion of the legality and ethics of such policies in educational institutions and emphasized the relevance of issues related to the rights of LGBT+ people in the educational field. Meanwhile, debate on this issue continues, and many are waiting for further developments and solutions in this area.

The decision of the educational institution causes criticism from society

A petition was created to protest the new rules introduced by the Citipointe educational institution. This petition essentially accuses the school of discriminating against students who belong to the queer and transgender communities. A similar initiative has collected almost 120 thousand signatures. The petition’s author, Bethany Lau, encourages anyone who shares her concerns about Citipointe’s policies, which she considers transphobic and homophobic, to sign. It is important for her and her supporters to convey to the school and the public that such forms of discrimination will not be left unanswered and will be actively opposed.