Mass protests against transgender bigotry in 50 cities in France and Belgium

Thousands of people gathered in Paris along with several other cities across France along with as in Belgium, in major demonstrations, showing their solidarity for the transgender community and protesting against all forms of transphobia. These impressive actions highlight public unity in the fight for transgender rights and against discrimination.

Rallies like these highlight the importance of solidarity and support in the fight for the rights and acceptance of transgender people. The rallying of thousands of people in various cities shows a growing recognition of the need to protect and respect the rights of transgender people, as well as awareness of the issues of transphobia. It also highlights how the international community can come together to support vulnerable groups and strive for a fairer and more equitable society.

Large-scale rallies in defense of transgender rights were held in France and Europe

According to information from the French Ministry of the Interior, around 10,880 participants involved in demonstrations took place across the country on Sunday. A particularly substantial gathering drew roughly 2,500 attendees at Place de la République in Paris. Participants actively chanted slogans in support of transgender people and expressed solidarity with transgender communities around the world. One of the organizers, speaking to France 24, emphasized the importance of the event: “This is our reality every day. It is critically important now to protect the rights of all people, especially as rightist and extremist right-wing forces attack transgender rights and spread misinformation about children’s trans identities.”

Other protesters expressed similar sentiments of anti-patriarchal and anti-capitalist sentiments activism in cities such as Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, as well as Brussels, Liege and several other localities.

Revolution Permanente pointed out that the French far-right’s tactics are similar to those in the US and UK, accusing conservative parties of unjustifiably attacking transgender children. In its statement, the publication stressed: “In response to these attacks, whose catastrophic consequences are already visible in the United States, Britain and Russia, it is necessary to form a broad coalition and integrate the protection of transgender rights into comprehensive international responses.”

France leads US and UK on LGBTQ+ rights despite internal disputes

Although transgender rights remain controversial in France, the country ranks higher on LGBTQ+ rights than the US and UK, according to Equaldex, an equality aggregator managed by the community.The Equality Index places France in the 20th position for LGBTQ+ rights, while the US and UK rank 27th and 28th respectively.

In France, support for trans and non-binary individuals remains strong. An Ipsos 2023 study found that 7.7% of French people support the fight against discrimination against transgender people. The practice of conversion therapy is prohibited in the country, a practice that the UK has yet to legislate, despite lengthy debate. However, France still faces the need to strengthen protections for transgender rights, while non-binary individuals still do not have full recognition and various forms of discrimination still exist. In March, the Minister of Justice, Eric Dupont-Moretti formally apologized for the country’s past treatment of the LGBTQ+ community, which he said had faced “completely unfair repression.”